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Windows "On Sept. 1, Microsoft began rolling out Vista RC1, raising hopes that all of the major issues have been resolved in the months since the beta two version. And it appears those hopes have been largely fulfilled. Here's a look at the top five improvements that RC1 brings since the beta releases of Vista."
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vista jokes
by tiiim on Fri 8th Sep 2006 22:58 UTC
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you know these Vista jokes like "...if its sooo much more improved why doesn't it ship so that PC junkies can buy systems for x-mas" are not even funny or clever anymore... if i had a $ for every time made a vista joke i would be a very rich person indeed. Your Vista jokes are not funny or even smart.

Firstly, Vista is in beta testing, making, compiling, and tweaking and entire OS that 90% of the PC market will use is no small task and something that should not be taken lightly. Im for one are glad MS have delayed Vista to get it right.. why ship a half bake product? (again no jokes ... if you knew anything about coding you will realise this is so important).

Secondly,If you so have a problem with Vista why do you compare your fav OS to it? Why for example, does Apple spend half the time comparing itself to Vista and same with some Linux distros? Why do we get "easier to use than Windows" and "more realiable than Windows" why bother spending half your time comparing to a system you dislike? Why don't you ask 80 year old mrs blah down the road to compile a whole linux distro or better yet, BSD distro from source? Spend 1 week config the display drives, 2 weeks installing the printer and spend half the time compiling the source apps to work? Oh i forgot she don't like doing that so you make an easy to install package software despite you won't these Windows user to "learn their computer". Without you knowing it... you make Windows the standard that you must out perform. If it don't work like Windows know one will use it. MS are the standard now.

Moreover, Linux/Apple have to compete against Windows because it does a great job in providing an experiencing to the end user. Whether you like it or not most comps run on Windows and your "linux is better" slogans are so tiring it now its not even funny. If your fav OS was so perfect why isnt it running high in the percentage in the OS market? why arnt dell, compaq etc OEM'ing Linux on their systems? Why isnt Apple selling as many laptops as Dell? Their are many reasons and granted its the system that was already pre installed... but Windows is the standard. Vista is the next gen release of Windows and within a few years most PCs will have it installed. Contray to popular fanboy beliefs, Linux is not outselling Windows.

It is so fanboyish and annoying when people post these articles... instead of talking about the article it always "desktop linux this year" or "Steve just sneezed call the press" posts. Come on give over.. How about you try and compile an OS yourself and make one from scratch. When you run 90% of the world computers you need to "get it right" before you ship. So what Vista been

The sad thing if apple delayed their products its called: innovation

If open source products are delayed its called: testing

If Vista is delayed Ms are screwing up. Give over... im not hear to argue but look what your typing sometimes.

oh btw i am writting this in a NON Microsoft OS so flame me if you want but just trying to be honest here.

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