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Windows "On Sept. 1, Microsoft began rolling out Vista RC1, raising hopes that all of the major issues have been resolved in the months since the beta two version. And it appears those hopes have been largely fulfilled. Here's a look at the top five improvements that RC1 brings since the beta releases of Vista."
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RE: vista jokes
by naelurec on Sat 9th Sep 2006 04:24 UTC in reply to "vista jokes"
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Im for one are glad MS have delayed Vista to get it right..

Well they are delaying it.. we have to wait and see if they "get it right".

If you so have a problem with Vista why do you compare your fav OS to it?

It is the new OS from the market leader. Pretending it does not exist is quite foolish.

Why don't you ask 80 year old mrs blah down the road..

I ask mrs blah to pop in a Linux live CD/DVD .. it boots up, gets internet, printer access, a huge array of applications and is fully usable. Because its a live CD, no worries about viruses or any of that crap. ;) I *do* tell mrs blah to install anti-spyware, anti-virus, anti-malware software on her Windows machine.. install a firewall, use alternative browsers as IE is insecure, manage windows updates, etc.. oh yah, she doesn't like doing that as well and still gets infected.. umm.. tough.

If your fav OS was so perfect why isnt it running high in the percentage in the OS market?

Its simple .. really. Microsoft has a better business model. They focused on marketing and aimed high with OEM exclusive deals. Where many tech companies were run by technologist, Microsoft was run by keen business executives and they won out. That was then. Now a LOT of software is Windows-exclusive. From a support POV, its almost a requirement to run on Windows (versus even a virtual machine such as VMWARE). For an IT department trained in Windows, its a no-brainer .. keep with something they know (job security) or be put out of a job with something superior. I know of a network of about 150 computers that converted to Unix thinclients running on 4 servers. IT cost dropped through the floor.. what took a handful of IT guys to manage now took one part-time IT person to manage. Given the thinclient configuration and redundancy on the backend, availability is much higher and emergencies are rare. No viruses, no spyware or other issues allow the system to run nice and smooth. This is a major threat to an IT monkey's livelihood.

I do agree with you -- lets wait until it is released to truly assess it. We are about 5 months away from a general release (assuming no more delays occur). During this time, there will be other major OS releases (ie new Ubuntu, new Mac OS X) so it will be interesting to see these systems side-by-side.

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