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Mozilla & Gecko clones Security researchers that carried out a code analysis of popular open source browser Firefox using automated tools, have discovered scores of potential defects and security vulnerabilities despite coming to the conclusion that the software was generally well written. A former Mozilla developer has criticised the methodology of the analysis and said it provides little help in unearthing real security bugs.
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Varg Vikernes
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Erm not really, not all bugs are relevant to the latest version, some get fixed by accident and others get fixed without closing the bug reports.

This is a bug reported in 2004 - still not fixed. I and many people I know get this on a lot of sites.

Also; - this isn't a bug, because the developers say so. Even though it happens to many people the devs say it is a JRE bug. Strange how this doesn't happen with Opera for example. Also, remember the copy/paste bug? It's still not completely fixed.

Saying on OSNews " Some bugs are 3+ years old, but only because the developers for some reason or another, don't want to fix them, they're not bugs. " is kinda retarded, learn how it works before you go and start flaming people.

How the hell if flaming? Maybe you're the retard here ;)
Go file a bug and report how long did it take for devs to fix it.

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