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General Unix Cygwin is a great alternative for those who feel constrained by working with the Windows environment. Cygwin lets you employ the best parts of each environment to fit your needs, whether through porting and development of applications, or simply using the applications in this flexible, powerful system.
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OR use msys/ MinGW
by Anonymous on Tue 9th Aug 2005 20:00 UTC
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An alternative if you want a more streamlined POSIX env is the MinGW/ Msys combination. MSys is the POSIX (bash shell and related tools) and it actually has better support for the underlying environment (path conversion, usage of the "start" command to run windows things from within the shell, etc.) The msysDTK provides a lot of useful tools (cvs, ssh, sftp, and even Perl).

MinGW provides a fairly up-to-date version of GCC for Windows. I also find it much easier to manage than Cygwin's installer, and I'm always left wondering what Cygwin _thinks_ I need versus what I really want.

In my experience, the MinGW/msys ends up being 40MB or so less disk usage when all is said and done (I'm sure it's extra tools/libs that Cygwin installed but I'm sure I've never used them.)

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