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Privacy, Security, Encryption "Is Browser Security getting better? That is tough to say but Firefox is definitely not leading the way. Despite all the hype, despite all the Myths, Firefox 1.x has a worse security record so far in 2006 than Internet Explorer 6.x."
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A little common sense would be useful...
by looncraz on Sat 9th Sep 2006 19:34 UTC
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The reality for 2006 is that I have had (by my official records) more than 380 service calls JUST for spyware through Internet Explorer since the start of 2006. I have not had one for Firefox, which I "forced" onto most machines with dead or infected IE. Not one machine has become re-infected which has Firefox on it, and as many safeguards securing up IE as possible (primarily loads of tricks to prevent it from running at all unless opening a local document, and some of those should to be denied to prevent re-infection).

The truth *IS* that while Internet Explorer may be seemingly becoming more secure, it is simply that many of the old exploits are still unresolved so the rate of discovery has slowed as researchers likely end the near of the road for cataloguing the thousands of bugs/holes/vulnerabilities/(exploits)^10000.

Also, Firefox asked for this to happen, in a way, by claiming straight-up that Firefox's security was better than IE's. Everyone set out to prove that true (or false in many cases, I'm sure). Then everyone is upset when a few flaws are found and the first few Firefox-targeted spyware apps show up.

To really know which is more secure, I.E. and Firefox, you could just have to wait for about 18 months or so, when Vista is mainstream, and Firefox has hit a few more revisions.

I.E. is nearly at 7.0 now... Firefox is early at 2.0.
I.E. has FIVE generations of code that has to be fuddled with.. can't be too pretty.

--The loon

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