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Zeta Magnussoft, the company now responsible for development on Zeta, has announced it is accepting pre-orders for Zeta 1.21. This new release will include multi-user support, will be built with GCC4, among other improvements. Bernd Korz's weblog contains more information. Korz was (is?) the CEO of YellowTAB, the company that started Zeta. Read on for a short editorial on this announcement.
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RE[2]: multi user???
by JonathanBThompson on Sun 10th Sep 2006 23:53 UTC in reply to "RE: milti user???"
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To say "Some" applications wouldn't work anymore (unless they created a thunking library to convert between 2.9x gcc and 4.x gcc libs, which *could* be done) is correct for a very large number of applications. Any C++ applications (any that called into methods of the OS that weren't straight C linkage) including those that use the GUI at all would need to be recompiled, and might be source compatible, but they are not binary compatible, because gcc 2.9x and gcc after that (3.x-4.x) use a completely different C++ binary interface. Thus, without some hack thunking libraries, existing application binaries won't work with a new system built using gcc 4.x as a result.

If there's a good time to break the classes for size and layout, the transition to gcc 4.x would be the best time, if source compatibility is still desired, but they wanted to change the layout of classes. Better yet (though it is far from likely to happen with Zeta) would be to write the C++ API so it doesn't have the fragile base class problem (binary layout) but that will be both source and binary incompatible with what's currently available.

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