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Zeta Magnussoft, the company now responsible for development on Zeta, has announced it is accepting pre-orders for Zeta 1.21. This new release will include multi-user support, will be built with GCC4, among other improvements. Bernd Korz's weblog contains more information. Korz was (is?) the CEO of YellowTAB, the company that started Zeta. Read on for a short editorial on this announcement.
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haiku vs. zeta
by fudel on Mon 11th Sep 2006 08:07 UTC
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Besides the fact that next versions of Zeta-OS will be based on gcc4 and will include multiuser support it is also based on the unreleased BeOS R5.1 aka. "Dano" codebase.
Between R5 and Dano were some internal changes in network stack and some system libraries, that results in incompatibilities between BeOS R5/haiku and Zeta-OS. I guess it will be difficult to oracle the future of haiku and/or Zeta. But the progress what Bernd and his team does and what he wrote in his blog seems to be very interesting to me.

RE: RE: Is it possible?
But only six(!) developers. I hate to be negative, but that is not going to do this. Some operating system projects have hundreds of developers, and need to work very hard to keep up with hardware support and build new features. Six developers is not going to cut it, sixteen neither.

How many developers does MS have and how log did they work on Vista? Compare it with Apple and you will see quantity is not equal to quality. ;)

But I agree there are to few developers to include new drivers and apps (wasn't an OpenOffice port planned for one of the next yT Zeta releases?). But i think stability and bughunting should be priority #1.
imo the next steps should be what the team around Bernd startet multiuser support incl. access controls.
and back to haiku, i am not sure what recent plans are but when openbeos (the first project name) startet their target was to re-develop r5 and not the dano-tree.

I think we will have two OS's based on the ideas of beos when haiku r1 will be released.

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