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RISC OS Being a RISC OS user is an odd experience. It's normally baffling to non-believers why so many (mostly British) computer users persist with the eccentric beast. It's easy to list reasons why no self-respecting geek would trouble with it: many old or under-developed applications, poor streaming media support, lack of compatibility with key standards and technologies, limited hardware support, and there are many more. For most, RISC OS is a thing of the past, a curio, a once-promising minority OS trampled on by the juggernauts of Windows, MacOS and Linux.
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RE: rox
by mjmoran on Mon 11th Sep 2006 09:04 UTC in reply to "rox"
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Yeah, at least thats what their site says(i've never actually used RISC OS though graphically they look similar)

Like I said above, i've never used RISC OS however if its anything like ROX I can certenly understand why people would like it.

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