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OSNews, Generic OSes Wondered how Parallels works and how to actually get it going? This article is an overview of the Parallels vitalization software and a simple guide on creating a virtual machine.
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by project_2501 on Mon 11th Sep 2006 14:27 UTC
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I'm surpised Apple mention it in an official capacity on their website. Support for OSes is a litle flakey. A friend of mine had his host MacOS 10.4 crash on him due to parallels.

Myself i've had no end of trouble with apparently supported OSes. Fedora 5 won't work with certain memory allocations - and even the "nopentium" boot option fails upon upgrading the fc5 kernel.

solaris and opensolaris are a pain to get working. disable dma usually works for the installer and sometimes the runtime. setting the screen size is also a matter of luck - works for me in solaris 10u2, not solaris express b44.

you certainly get the impression that even of vmware is not currently as fast as parallels - it is much more stable and supports what it says it supprts. understand vware are working on a macos version of their vm - looking fwd to it.

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