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Intel Intel is getting ready to introduce a chip communications technology called Common System Interface (CSI) and also an integrated memory controller that mirrors an approach central to recent successes of rival Advanced Micro Devices.
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AMD sitting on its laurels
by bnolsen on Mon 11th Sep 2006 15:48 UTC
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I'm still mad at AMD for sitting on its rear end.
I mean they pretty much had Intel technologically they released the Athlon64 series. Now it's making them tons of money. So the question is, what did they do with the past 3 years?

It seems when the A64 released they dropped R&D in favor of minor maintenance activities. Since the A64:

- Modify onboard memory controller for dual channel memory.
- Leverage existing A64 design to add dual core. (follow intel)
- Add SSE3 instruction compatability. (follow intel)
- Up the hypertransport speed from 1600 to 2000MHz.
- CPU frequency scaling (follow intel)
- Modify onboard memory controller to support DDR2.
- Add hardware virtualization support (follow intel)

AMD's release of the A64 was an industry leading event. What happened to them?? Where's their clear *cool* roadmap? Or now they just decided to wake up, and it's 2 years too late?

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