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Zeta Magnussoft, the company now responsible for development on Zeta, has announced it is accepting pre-orders for Zeta 1.21. This new release will include multi-user support, will be built with GCC4, among other improvements. Bernd Korz's weblog contains more information. Korz was (is?) the CEO of YellowTAB, the company that started Zeta. Read on for a short editorial on this announcement.
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RE[7]: Is it possible?
by sogabe on Mon 11th Sep 2006 17:04 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Is it possible?"
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> Ok Sogabe, I'll tell you why he works for Magnussoft.

I don't think you understand, but that's ok. :-)

It is obvious that Mr. Korz is involved with ZETA, but that does not explain much.

Mr. Weinert said in his interview that Bernd Korz was acting as a consultant, so it may just be as fyysik said, that he is paying developers to deliver ZETA to Magnussoft; this may be the "separate entity" that Mr. Weinert talked about in the interview.

If that is the case, and I am talking hypothetically here, it may look as if ZETA has changed hands, but in reality not much has changed for ZETA: it is still a product driven by the same individual, the CEO of a company that went bust but somehow managed to regroup with a different group of people, and a distribution partner (which he secured when he knew his company was going down?).

I fail to see how this will ensure a viable future for ZETA, and at the same I wonder how those who were affected by yellowTAB's demise (employees, suppliers, contractors, etc.) may be feeling about this.

It's all hypothetical, of course. :-)

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