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Apple Brian May, the guitarist of the legendary rock group Queen, recently got a MacBook Pro for his audio work, upgrading from his G4 laptop. Brian argues about some software problems (e.g. not getting a low battery warning from the system anymore) and the fact that the laptop runs very hot.
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Get an indoor tan
by jbalmer on Tue 12th Sep 2006 05:45 UTC
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Do you envy those models who have such beautiful tanned skin? Are you keen on getting a good tan ?

But alas, you live in a cold country where the sun shies from showing itself too often. So what is the alternative ?

Get a mac OSX laptop. Just turn it ON and sit/lay down near it. In no time the heat & radiation generated from it will tan your skin.

PS: Make sure not to sit too close. ;-)

Personally I wonder what is holding Apple back from rectifying the problem. It has been going on for so long and has been the talk in the media. Recently, one of the (I think it is HP) laptops caught fire and it was related to defective battery. And I believe HP recalled all the batteries of that particular batch.

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