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Original OSNews Interviews Yesterday, I wrote a short editorial concerning the news that Magnussoft started accepting pre-orders for the next version of Zeta, 1.21. Today, via email, I asked a few short question which arose, more or less, in the comments' section of that editorial, to Magnussoft's Rene Weinert. Updated: See question 3.
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From what I understand
by vege on Tue 12th Sep 2006 11:20 UTC
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Magnussoft claims it do not employ the development team, but it do distribute the product the team develops.
Mugnussoft gives its name to the product.
Magnussoft provides support for the product.
Magnussoft grants the infrastructure for the site, beta tests, downloads, etc.
Mr. Korz (aka Zeman) is allowed to publish claims at the forums in name of Magnussoft.

So, what I understood, it is claimed to be a kind of outsourcing from Magnussoft to the team, which is not named nor introduced to the public, but there is a close relationship with somehow shared responsibilities.

Maybe the whole thing seems to be messy because of the near-to-be-mystic development team. The public may still be interested in the followings:
Who are the members of this team?
What is the legal form of this team?
How much and in what terms is this team integrated with Magnussoft?
Who owns (if anyone) the legal rights yellowTab previously aquired?

I am pretty sure, public would understand if parties said "It is not yet final" or "not yet decided" or "not yet worked out". Practically we all (Magnussoft, developers and the public) are excited to see a success of the product, so we share the motives. You inside have a good position to say clear things, even that you can not say anything for now. Once again: we all would understand for now. But in time there should be satisfying answers to keep the trust and interest.

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