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Windows Paul Thurrot (you know!) has published part 3 of his review of Vista RC1. This part focuses on upgrading to Vista from XP. "As with compatibility, the upgrade scenario appears to be another big win for Windows Vista. Granted, I've only upgraded one system. But it was a wonderfully real-world system, full of all kinds of crud. Yes, it's early yet: I will wait at least a few more days before declaring this a total victory; but so far so good."
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Vista Installation
by oxleyn on Tue 12th Sep 2006 11:25 UTC
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Never mind upgrading, I'm still unable to carry out even a clean installation of Vista RC1 on my "Windows Vista Ready" Dell laptop!

I think my issue stems from this business of not being able to run it from a partition other than the active one. If that is in fact an issue at all or am I talking rubbish now?

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