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Linux You must remember the period where various electronic devices, from phones to radios, were available in transparent cases. You may have found them utterly cool. Yet the simple fact that you can't find these things on the shelves anymore (except for do-it-yourself PC cases) means the crowd doesn't find them nearly that cool. While you may not see the link yet, this is exactly why the Linux desktop will never be popular.
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RE[5]: Baloney
by Thom_Holwerda on Tue 12th Sep 2006 15:42 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Baloney"
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Document incompatbility? I haven't had that in the nearly 4 years of 100% Linux. People send me Word and Excel files. I open them. Life is good.

Yes, you open them. I am talking about little differences. For instance, when you have a document with a frontpage (title, name, studentnumber, course info, etc) after which, on the 2nd page, the actual report starts, you position the first header carefully to align with the top of page 2 (assuming there's no need for an index page). You do this in Word.

Then open it in Writer. Big chance, esp. with a bit more complicated documents, that all this alignment is now fcuked up. And this is just one example.

Another exmaple is how Writer does not seem to properly support commenting and teacher changes/remarks. Until things like this are resolved, no chance in hell I'll be able to depend on OOo. I need to be 100% sure that whatever reports/articles I write, they appear 100% correctly on other people's Word installations.

You are making it sound like Linux is unusable as a desktop system.

Don't talk nonsense. I literally said: "It's a great system, and definitely 'ready' for normal people, but as long as there's a Windows monoculture, and everyone else is using Windows and Windows-based files, giving Linux to normal people is impossible. No matter how good the system is."

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