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Apple Apple held a special event for the press today. Most of the event was about iPods; prettier colours, bigger capacities, you know the drill. For the really interesting stuff, you had to sit out the whole thing: Apple gave us a sneak peek of a product coming in 2007. In Q1 2007, Apple will release a settop box, half the size of the Mac Mini, to which you can stream content. It has a built-in power supply, USB, ethernet, 802.11 'wireless component video', optical audio, HDMI ports, and old RCA stereo audio ports. It sports a Front Row-like interface, and can be controlled using the Apple remote. Its codename is 'iTV'; a different name will be chosen. It will work with iTunes on Macs and PCs, and it will cost USD 299. Update: Eugenia and I both blogged about the product announcements. Eugenia loves the gapless playback, and I miss adherence to industry standards.
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iTunes 7
by sig33kde on Tue 12th Sep 2006 18:41 UTC
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Has anyone else jumped the gun and installed itunes 7?

... I don't like it. Waste of visual space especially with the left side bar, they arent using the standard apple widgets (scroll bars, etc) - looks almost like a java app. *shrugs* there are more things that I am not crazy about, but I was curious if anyone else had similar feelings

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