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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y OSWeekly takes a look at how Microsoft and Apple each handles the blogging phenomemon. They conclude: "With all of this going on, it's easy to wonder what efforts Apple is making and I wish I could tell you, but I don't see anything worth mentioning. Instead of accepting blogging for what it is, Apple would rather sue bloggers for talking about what they're doing. Microsoft is only one of the big companies that has embraced blogging, and we can see similar efforts by Google and Yahoo!, just to name a few."
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Employees blogging
by walnut tree on Tue 12th Sep 2006 21:09 UTC
walnut tree
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"apple have always been secretive! its part of their appeal and alure. For example if some blogger told us what was gonna be anounced at todays 'event' noone would bother tuning into the actual event thereby reducing coverage"

Blogging doesn't have to be about simply announcing products - no company employee would do that if it was against their employer's corporate policy. Lots of bloggers talk about a much broader variety of topics.

Apple's secrecy is certainly not alluring to me - it's simply their way of heightening the anticipation of their product announcements - a very old-fashioned (but effective) marketing technique (ok, it's probably also a way of keeping their competitors in the dark about their products too).

"Microsoft does allow their employees to write blogs, but the tone of them has always felt a bit artificial to me - as if each post has to be vetted and edited by their legal department."

I think Microsoft have benefited a lot from letting their employees blog quite openly - the ones I have read certainly don't seem artificial to me, and they have an awful lot of bloggers. What's more, it's been an excellent way for many developers to gain an insight into some of Microsoft's working practices as well as actually get to talk to the developers.

If Apple's developer's or designers talked about some of their design decisions or product development (after a product had been released), I think they'd gain an eager and very receptive audience. And talking about such matters doesn't mean giving away trade secrets.

Talking of artificial or phoney-sounding blogs ("marketing-style" blogs)- well two come to mind. One is the official Google blog and the other is Apple's student blog (which seems to have been abandoned). Not surprisingly, neither blog allows users to post any comments.

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