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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris BrandZ, which, quoting from the OpenSolaris BrandZ Community webpage, is a framework that extends the Solaris Zones infrastructure to create Branded Zones, which are zones that contain non-native operating environments, integrated into the OpenSolaris mainline OpenSolaris mainline kernel last night.
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OS innovation
by project_2501 on Wed 13th Sep 2006 12:55 UTC
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I really believe that OpenSolaris has all the ingredients of success:

* innovation - ZFS, DTRACE, Zones/Contains/Brands, resource control (yes, cpu caps are coming)

* open - open source, open standards generally, can be made to play well with industry favorites, from x86 to grub, from ndivia opengl to realplayer!

* quality development process - the design and implement process is a very much more considered and thoughtful than the linux process. the code quality is much higher. however, unlike the free BSDs, opensolaris has momentum and real results.

* performance - eg new network stack (project fireengine) - aim to saturate a 1GB line on server hardware.

in the interests of rigour and debate - i'd welcome reasons as to why anyone wouldn't use OpenSolaris for their next project ...

update: one negative aspect to opensolaris and the official solaris derived from it is the userland. sure they have very well tested and standards compliant alternatives ... /usr/bin/ps vs /usr/ucb/ps and so on ... but try to compile anything out of the box and its a pain. only recently have they started including useful tools in the /usr/sfw hierarchy including ssl and ldap libraries. still no readline libraries though.

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