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Amiga & AROS A lot of hardware-related news today, but this one will probably mean the most to us alternative OS fans: it seems AmigaOS 4 has found hardware to actually run on. The board will have an IBM 750GL at 800 MHz with 1MB of L2 cache, and will support processors up to 1Ghz. Also: "One of the biggest changes to the Amy05 design from our first released specification is the addition of the AMD Geode CS5536 companion device. For Project Prometheus/Amy'05 this becomes Amy's Southbridge." The current board is is a development board, and will be made available in a limited quantity for hardware testing/OS4 development.
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Not convinced
by wonea on Wed 13th Sep 2006 16:39 UTC
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Until these are actually available to buy or one is demonstrated in public. I'm dubious. When I first about Amy'05 back in 2005, I actually wow a cheap ppc board great. Now I'm not sure but anything over 200 is a bit steep for what is essentially a very outdated piece of kit.

No amount of benchmark manipulation (that apple and by some people ) can make ppc look fast compared to a decent x86-64 chip. I know these are entry level boards, so I'm eating my words a bit. But five years ago? Yes please. After years of using one what do I notice? My Athlon 750 is seems faster than my G4 733. Should that be? Don't know.

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