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Apple "One of the less well known Mac clones, the MaxxBoxx was released in Germany in July 1997 to fill the needs of users with very demanding applications. In a stunning enclosure, the MaxxBoxx was easy to open and upgrade. The machine was built into a cube that was twice as wide as an ordinary mini tower with room for up to ten drives." There's more on old Macs: Sonnet has announced new CPU upgrades for G4 PowerMacs and Xserves.
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I recognize this case...
by obi_oni on Wed 13th Sep 2006 18:54 UTC
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I got one of those myself. It's a yeongyang cube case, so it's not MaxxBoxx specific. I have an old dual P3 in there, it's just an ATX case...

I can't find that exact model (the YY-0210 iirc), but you can find the later versions on

Nice case. Bit noisy, but very roomy.

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