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Mac OS X Contrary to popular belief, Mac OS X does have a 'blue screen of death', only it's grey instead of blue, and it's called the kernel panic screen, and it sure does scare the pajeezers out of you if you just bought a Mac (sadly, I can know), and it has had this screen since 10.2; before that, the error information was spilled as raw data straight on the screen. Amit Singh writes about the history and workings of this kernel panic screen, and provides methods of modifying it, or turning it into the 'raw data baby' version. And yes, you can even make it look exactly like the real BSOD. Die-hard Windowfying OS X, this.
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RE: Macs are just cooler than PCs
by rexbinary on Wed 13th Sep 2006 22:10 UTC in reply to "Macs are just cooler than PCs"
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Sad thing is they have always been cooler, it took the iPod to get people to look at them for some reason.

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