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Linux You must remember the period where various electronic devices, from phones to radios, were available in transparent cases. You may have found them utterly cool. Yet the simple fact that you can't find these things on the shelves anymore (except for do-it-yourself PC cases) means the crowd doesn't find them nearly that cool. While you may not see the link yet, this is exactly why the Linux desktop will never be popular.
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RE: Load of crap
by Aussie_Bear on Wed 13th Sep 2006 23:19 UTC in reply to "Load of crap"
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This is nothing short of an anti open-source fist pumping article OSNews.

You've pretty much explained why I hardly visit this site anymore. Ever since Thom took over from Eugenia, its been heading in that general direction. (Apple and Microsoft related articles appear more often than in the past...It used to be more pro-opensource, as I used to visit this site for opensource related happenings). Now I visit Tuxmachines and MadPenguin.

The other site that's starting to annoy me, is OSWeekly. They have nothing of useful info, except columns and columns of opinionated nonsense. The site lacks any useful material. (For some reason, other Linux news sites continually link articles to it). But it looks like its pretty much an opinion based website.

Its a shame that sites nowadays need to delibrately stir trouble and contraversy to attract attention and boost some ad dollars.

Opinion articles like these are the reason why I don't read blogs, opinions, columns and editorials anymore. They're full of nonsense that offer no real useful info you can use. (Like a guide or HOW-TO of some sort). Just some strangers rantings about something.

I can actually think of a number of things I can do, to productively use my time. (than waste it on editorials and such).

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