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Original OSNews Interviews Yesterday, I wrote a short editorial concerning the news that Magnussoft started accepting pre-orders for the next version of Zeta, 1.21. Today, via email, I asked a few short question which arose, more or less, in the comments' section of that editorial, to Magnussoft's Rene Weinert. Updated: See question 3.
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RE[4]: From what I understand
by vege on Thu 14th Sep 2006 11:26 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: From what I understand"
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It is indeed going to be a nice conversation ;)

I don't think saying "people don't like to be confused" is anything politician. Neither is "knowning what's up is the best interest".

We share the questions, as you could see in my first post.

For the pricing issue: people decide to buy or not to buy the product. Some guys at the producer (let the name be "A") tried to predict these decisions before selling. Some guys ("B") analyse the situation after the sellings. If "B" realizes "A" was wrong, they surely will change.
A note: they haven't changed anything yet, so (pretending they do not want to commit a business suicide) it may be OK generally.

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