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Apple "I want Vista to be a better OS than it's been promoted to be, but at the same time, I also want OS X to finally receive the public adoption that it deserves. Now is the time for Apple to creatively promote its Macintosh platform with OS X. This is the critical hour, and if Apple is able to take advantage of the uneasy feeling that many have towards Vista, then they could attract an untold amount of new users."
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XP the likely winner
by TheAmazingJambi on Thu 14th Sep 2006 16:26 UTC
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It seems to me as if Vista's potential problems are simply going to have a lot of people (both in the business and home markets) holding off on upgrades, or going with PC makers that can install XP on their computers. I'm talking of course, about the more knowledgable users...I assume that people who tend not to care about this sort of thing will snap up whatever's in the stores.

Apple, with as good a product as they have (I have an Imac and a Thinkpad at home, so I've been on both sides of the fence) is always going to have trouble attracting new customers for one reason...people have gotten used to the fact that computers are hard to use and break down alot, something which I find appalling. We wouldn't put up with a car that broke down once every two weeks, so why would people tolerate this from their PCs, I wonder? Sadly, even with Vista's abomination of a user interface and massive requirements, I think that in the long run you'll have people holding on to their older PCs a bit longer, then finally converting when they have no choice.

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