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Zeta takes a first look at the ZETA's multiuser capabilities currently under development. This is "a first beta, usable but still incomplete and with bugs" reports ICO. The article uses screenshots to show what multiuser looks like in ZETA, and describes how to create user accounts, as well as some of the existing problems with the implementation which, hopefully, will be fixed before release. As Magnussoft told us a few days ago, multiuser support will be available as an update to the upcoming ZETA 1.21, but no release date is mentioned.
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RE: Reboot?
by bogomipz on Thu 14th Sep 2006 17:52 UTC
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Well on BeOS, *you* were Baron. As the owner of the house, you needed a proper title, right?

Here's what I would suggest if I had any saying in these matters:

- The root user is not allowed to login. A good name would be System, by the way, because it's the owner of all system files.
- Some users are administrators. These are the only users that are allowed to run processes with System privileges, after giving a password.
- Not even administrators are allowed to change system files directly.
- On installation, a default admin user, Baron, is created.

Normally, you would be the admin on your own computer. You decide whether to use Baron or create another account for yourself. When giving other people access to your system, you probably want to make them non-admins. They will be able to make just as much use of the computer as yourself, but they are not allowed to change the system, so they may only install apps in their home directories.

Actually, this is pretty much how a well set up unix system works, where you have to go via a user of group wheel to gain root privileges.

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