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Zeta takes a first look at the ZETA's multiuser capabilities currently under development. This is "a first beta, usable but still incomplete and with bugs" reports ICO. The article uses screenshots to show what multiuser looks like in ZETA, and describes how to create user accounts, as well as some of the existing problems with the implementation which, hopefully, will be fixed before release. As Magnussoft told us a few days ago, multiuser support will be available as an update to the upcoming ZETA 1.21, but no release date is mentioned.
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by bogomipz on Thu 14th Sep 2006 18:19 UTC in reply to "BeOS?"
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What's the killer app/feature in Zeta/BeOS?

How about simplicity, elegance, consistency, extreme responsiveness, and BFS?

While other systems have caught up with BFS from a technical point of view, no other system actually makes use of extended attributes like BeOS/Zeta/Haiku. I especially find the use of attributes in e-mails and People files amazingly elegant. Then there's the translators for media files, which make all media apps automatically support new formats as they are added to the system.

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