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Zeta takes a first look at the ZETA's multiuser capabilities currently under development. This is "a first beta, usable but still incomplete and with bugs" reports ICO. The article uses screenshots to show what multiuser looks like in ZETA, and describes how to create user accounts, as well as some of the existing problems with the implementation which, hopefully, will be fixed before release. As Magnussoft told us a few days ago, multiuser support will be available as an update to the upcoming ZETA 1.21, but no release date is mentioned.
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RE[2]: BeOS?
by tonestone57 on Thu 14th Sep 2006 20:48 UTC in reply to "RE: BeOS?"
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The issue is that some people believe that with 3 major OSes already (ie: Windows, Linux/BSD, & OS X) that why bother with another OS? And that BeOS had its day back in 2000 & won't gain popularity. Which I strongly disagree with.

I've used BeOS 5.0 & ZETA 1.2

I know what this OS is capable of. And can say, that when Haiku is finished, that BeOS will start to get noticed & take off. It simply is a fantastic OS.

I'm certain that, anyone who tries it out for 3 to 6 months would also find it to be good & get addicted to using it.

What is the killer app? Well, this is the same for all OSes and the answer is (not in any order): #1 3D Games, #2 3D Design, #3 Video (or Audio) conversions, #4 Compiling/Linking #5 Data Encryption, etc.

It isn't about killer applications, it is about making an OS you enjoy to use. Sure, there are users out there that love Linux or Windows or ? And no one is saying you have to use or like BeOS, but there will be users that enjoy using BeOS based OSes beyond any other (for a reason).

Also, BeOS was made for multimedia & with speed on its side, with multithreading (better utilization of processors - wait till you see what it can do with Quad cores), better memory use - because it isn't bloated (like some other OSes), was originally developed for Pentium processors (not like Linux with most distros trying to support 386s still & Windows), it is all integrated (ie: not like Linux where Xwindows is made by one organization, Linux kernel by another, etc.), it was very well designed (& inspired certain concepts in other small, new OSes).

Also, Joe Average doesn't use killer applications. Most people web browse, email, listen to mp3s, watch divx movies and use Office suite. If these can be done in an easy & fun way then this user will be happy.

If you are happy with your favorite OS, then stick with it. BeOS won't be for everybody (ie: those who really love their OS are unlikely to switch to BeOS & those that feel So-So about their current OS are likely to try it out - maybe they switch, or maybe they don't).

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