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Apple "I want Vista to be a better OS than it's been promoted to be, but at the same time, I also want OS X to finally receive the public adoption that it deserves. Now is the time for Apple to creatively promote its Macintosh platform with OS X. This is the critical hour, and if Apple is able to take advantage of the uneasy feeling that many have towards Vista, then they could attract an untold amount of new users."
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Apple FUD
by blitze on Fri 15th Sep 2006 02:27 UTC
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Love all you Mac OS-X fans, winge about DRM yet have you bothered to look at the DRM crap Macs have on them and how hard it is for the average Joe to circumvent them?

Vista maight not be as pretty as OS-X (matter of personal taste) but it will most likely be as good as an operating system and not lock you into overpriced under spec'd hardware.

I'm running Vista 64 RC1 at the moment on a test machine and it is quite good considering drivers are limited and in beta. I'm fairly confident it will be a very stable platform when it hits release.

Is it perfect, no but it ain't as bad as some make it out to be. It handles 64bit and 32bit elequently, more so than I have experienced under Linux.

The security model employed is long overdue and at the moment will be nagging but when developers decide to play ball it will be fine.

Linux, yes, nowdays is easy to install (I was very impressed with Edgy Eft 64) but, to get some fav apps working there is still a lot to deal with and that is due to having to run windows apps on Linux as there isn't decent native versions to use yet. My only replacement for Windows Vista would be a form of Linux though as OS-X is definately not worth the headach of dealing with (and yes I use it at work and support it on some of our Graphics Workstations).

Vista will repleace XP for me as
1. I want a decent 64bit OS for media creation
2. Better securitly model and also the other under the hood enhancements that will lead to a better computing experience.

Remember kiddies that you should be able to get an OEM version of Vista with some hardware purchases which will bring the cost of the OS down considerably.

I look forward to late Northern Hemisphere fall when I will be able to Beta Test some Echo Audio Drivers on Vista 64.

Rant Done.

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