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Microsoft Usually, we do not report on .mp3 players. However, sometimes we cannot go around them. Today is one of those times: Microsoft has launched its supposed iPod killer, the Zune. "Not a lot of surprises in the specs department, but they've confirmed the basics we've known for a while, like WiFi, 30GB of HDD, built-in FM, a 3-inch screen and the basic music, pictures and video playback. They also finally let slip the screen res - an unsurprising QVGA - and some better news on the codec front: the Zune supports h.264, MP3, AAC and WMA."
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I like it
by Varg Vikernes on Fri 15th Sep 2006 02:30 UTC
Varg Vikernes
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I can't say I don't like it. It seems they pretty much nailed it - except for the click wheel (thanks to our friendly Apple who didn't want to license the patent). I've already got an iPod so I won't be buying this but if it breaks I'd consider it.

I don't know what problem people have with DRM. As if the iPod isn't DRM infested. And it's not like anyone actually buys music. I also like the wifi very much.

The only problem I see with it is that it's way too late to the party. It might steal away from the newer iPods but there's a shitload of Ipods gen 2-4 already around.

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