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General Development By picking the brains of Web developers and IT recruiters, eWEEK selected 10 programming languages that are a bonus for developers to add to their resumes. Even better, they're great jumping-off points, with loads of job opportunities for younger recruits.
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by nivenh on Fri 15th Sep 2006 23:27 UTC in reply to "..."
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yeah it wasn't too great.

fact is at least half of those are just the current buzz words in the industry. a year from now they'll be replaced with new buzz words and continue the vicious cycle.

and not that i really think their "job availabilities" number is accurate, but how could someone say you should run out and learn ruby/rails as fast as you can if there are only 210/54 jobs available compared do the 6,000+ C positions. sure ruby is getting alot of press lately because of rails, but "learn right now"? c'mon.

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