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Oracle and SUN Xandros has announced that it started offering a free 30-day trial edition of Xandros Desktop 4 Premium for free download. Xandros Desktop 4 is a beginner-friendly distribution with a customised version of KDE and a host of intuitive desktop utilities designed to ease migration from Windows to Linux.
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by hraq on Sat 16th Sep 2006 00:57 UTC
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I wish them the best; but what I advise them to do is to buy a small OEM company and start supporting execlusively their code on them rather than trying to be another distro or windows wanna be.

Their current samba networking didn't work as fast as fedora5 or Mandriva2006 or SLED10 when networked to windows shares on a gigabit/S connection.

Their integration of proprietary nvidia drivers were not smart enough to enable 1920x1200x32@60 configuration on my viewsonic monitor, unlike solaris 10 or 11 or vista.

Their boot time is huge with todays standards unlike Zeta,OSX and Vista/XP.

But their choice of packages and kernel really rocks, It is very close to fedora5/RHEL distros in stability. I have to yet see a crash of their selected programs.

Good Luck for them!

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