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Apple "Back in the mid-nineties, Apple was a company without focus. After the explosive growth of the Macintosh in the late eighties, Apple was flush with cash, but had little strategy to guide its investments. As a result, products like eWorld were developed while Apple's core products languished. Meant as a substitute to the very expensive AppleLink online service, eWorld was based on the AOL network, and presented a friendly face to several proprietary online services and limited internet connectivity. eWorld failed to gain much of a foothold in the market, and was quietly discontinued in 1996 (only months before CEO Michael Spindler, was ousted)."
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RE: What?
by dnstest on Sat 16th Sep 2006 09:52 UTC in reply to "What?"
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Both were great??!! I remember Prodigy for Macintosh, it was a total piece! Mac users paid outrageous amounts for Prodigy service, and had far less features than Windows users.

BTW, wasn't Prodigy (classic) an old DOS program, converted to run under Windows, and crappily ported to MacOS?

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