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Amiga & AROS This Q&A with Amiga Inc's Bill McEwen tells not only the answers to 25 biting questions about Amiga, Inc., but also a history of what Amiga has been doing the past six years. Apparently they've been maintaining development of AmigaDE (AmigaOS 5.0), while developing AmigaOS 4 as a fall-back.
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It's over, man. Let her go.
by kjn9 on Sat 16th Sep 2006 23:06 UTC
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The Amiga was once my main computer, and my favourite computer. After waiting so long for an official successor that never arrived, I've moved on. I just don't care any more.

Bill, fire your attorneys and cash in your chips. With the possible exception of the trademarks, there's nothing left that's worth having any more.

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