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Graphics, User Interfaces "The color blindness is the inability to perceive differences between some or all colors that other people can distinguish. According to the medical studies, eight to ten percent of male population suffers from some kind of color blindness (figure for female population is much lower). What does it mean to the average Swing developer? Well, if you rely too much on color differences, you may be not conveying the information as well as you thought. Now you can run your application in debug UI mode and have a live preview of your UI as viewed by the color-blind population."
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It varies
by hevonen on Sun 17th Sep 2006 11:13 UTC
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There are many levels of color blindness. Some are more serious than others.

I have no problem with saturated reds and greens, but the earthly mixed variants are a problem. I can see that they're different, but I've no idea which is red and which is green. I can even distinguish some of the red/green color blindness number tests, though they look very faint to me. Red/blue difference is much more higher for me than red/green.

Ah, I'm in visual arts, though not gay (Star Trek is ok).

It consoles me immensely in the dark of the night that I can see through camoflage and distinguish several shades of khaki invisible to normal people.

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