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Mozilla & Gecko clones The Mozilla Corporation today issued small updates for its popular Firefox Web browser and Thunderbird e-mail applications, primarily targeting security problems. The updates take both products to version, and were issued via the vendor's automatic update system this morning, Australia-time. The less popular SeaMonkey mail and browsing suite was also updated to version 1.0.5. Update: DesktopLinux has a detailed explanation on the changelog. Also, Camino 1.0.3 of OSX was released.
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I have diss'd Firefox users many times on this board because of the way they crash every Opera thread, but the worm has turned. I write and sell software for a very small niche market, and I deliberately use a minimum spec pc on a dial-up so that I know what a buyer's experience will be - I will NEVER tell a buyer they must upgrade to use the software they buy from me. So I get a much truer picture of how browsers perform on a first generation pentium dialup than you guys on cable modems with Pentium googleplex quadruple core pcs. And I can tell you this - something has suddenly changed - Firefox is no longer slower than Opera, and it is no longer a memory pig while Opera 9.x has LOST IT'S WAY and eats ram like crazy. I know this because this crap pc won't recognize more than 40 megs of ram. Opera used to be the browser that would let you surf with ease on a 233mhz because the 56k modem was the limiting factor not the ram or cpu speed. But now opera will kill all your time making hot monkey love to your harddrive for an hour if you open more than two windows at ebay on a pc like this. Firefox is subject to the limitations of this very early pentium and the dialup connection, but does not CAUSE those limitations. This is a critical distinction. I'm here on Firefox right now, something I NEVER resorted to. It takes a few hours to get used to Firefox after being a faithful Opera user since version 3.62, but get used to it I did, I miss nothing but the recycle bin to open windows you closed in haste, and since Opera more or less swiped that from NetCaptor, I don't see why Firefox can't do it too. Or maybe they have, I haven't looked it over that close yet. All I know is my harddrive isn't ratcheting constantly like it does with Opera. This is completely the reverse of last year, so Opera better get it together fast. As for "no bugs", Opera does NOT work right for online shopping carts - if it works at all it craps out before you're done. I've learned to revert to Opera 8.x for paying bills and placing orders, but take a big guess what browser I try next time. Ditto with webmail like lycos, half the time the 'send' button simply will not click. I still say Opera is being taken down from within it's own ranks since version 7.x, otherwise why won't it work on sites that still work with not just Firefox but even 8 year old Netscape 4.72 ???

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