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OS/2 and eComStation "OS/2 has many applications that had been created by companies, individual developers and hobbyists. Many of these applications still works under the newest version of eComStation and have demonstrated a good quality. The only issue is that they are turning into abandonware since developers had switched to other platforms, but there is a chance to extend their life with the 'Open Source Long Live Elixir'. Here at we will like to make a call to OS/2-eCS developers and ex-developers to open source their creations. We believe that the software can be expanded for the benefit of the community and allowing a learning experience from the code of these applications."
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RE[2]: Good idea
by djohnston on Sun 17th Sep 2006 21:13 UTC in reply to "RE: Good idea"
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"Firstly, it probably isn't practical - the source would contain code which is copyright Microsoft (and perhaps even Adobe and others). I don't think that that MS would agree to cooperate when such a release couldn't possibly benefit them in any way."

Microsoft has nothing to do with OS/2. It is an IBM product.

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