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Windows The Customer Preview Program for Windows Vista has reopened. Release Candidate 1 can be ordered on DVD from Microsoft or can be downloaded directly. The site is issuing new evaluation serial numbers as well, so that new testers, who do not have previously handed-out keys, can also download this release candidate. You can obviously post your experiences in the comments.
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by REM2000 on Mon 18th Sep 2006 14:28 UTC
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I think the majority of people who got Windows XP, obtained it when they purchased a new PC.

I don't think there will be a mad rush (a la Windows 95) for this release. Sure there will be people who purchase a new license, an upgrade and indeed even pirate a copy, however the majority will still be obtained through a new machine. This was really how Windows XP became so widespread.

So really the question will be, if Windows Vista will offer more to companies such as Dell when they bundle windows. OEM practices aside, products like Windows Media Center Edition helped companies like dell sell more pc's.

They were able to repackage and offer a new product, and from what i have seen of sales/floor space MCE has proven very popular with the public/consumer. So going back to my question i am in two minds if Vista will have a big impact on consumers, the photo application/manager which comes bundled with Vista in RC1 was very good, however the DVD maker / Movie maker is rubbish, WMP11 i thought was a good app (although i prefer itunes) it has a great library, sync and UI.

Microsoft i hope will polish these three section up, music/video / photography / home movie making. I hope they work on the UI for some of their products and make them more consistant. These three are the now becoming the main use of a computer (apple / microsoft), it was internet and email now it's lifestyle, MCE made inroads i hope microsoft can carry on, down this path.

As for RC1, as said before it's very stable, pretty quick now, memory is still a huge problem, i don't think it should use as much as it does, however it's a RC so a lot of debug code is still there so fingers crossed. The only major gripe i have is the same as Paul Thurrot, the UI is very inconsistant, with back/next buttons all over the place. Microsoft really do need a team to go through the UI and clean it up.

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