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General Development The NetBeans project recently released the second beta of version 5.5 of its IDE. At the same time, NetBeans 6.0 is at its second milestone release. Artima spoke with NetBeans evangelist Tim Boudreau about new NetBeans features and about the NetBeans community. In Part I, he discusses upcoming features of NetBeans 6.0, and compares the NetBeans and Eclipse approaches to open-source IDE development. In Part II, Boudreau talks about the NetBeans rich-client platform, how the NetBeans Matisse UI builder and GroupLayout layout manager address the challenges of cross-platform and internationalized UI design, and about support for languages other than Java in NetBeans.
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RE: Netbeans is good
by kiz01 on Mon 18th Sep 2006 17:01 UTC in reply to "Netbeans is good"
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I've been using NetBeans since version 4 and I have to say that it's one of the nicest environments I've ever worked in. The IDE is robust and easy to use, the help is actually helpful, and the environment is stable. Since all of my programming is in Java and JSP, it's perfect for me.

I can't say whether or not it's better than Eclipse or any other Java IDE but I can say that I've never been tempted to try. NetBeans meets all of my needs.

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