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Windows Jim Allchin, co-president of Microsoft's Platforms and Services Division, has sent an open letter to developers citing the 'tremendous opportunity' that Windows Vista gives them, adding that the time is now to get ready for the operating system. "If you want to ride the wave we're creating with Windows Vista, the best way is to have your application ready by the time we ship," Allchin said in the open letter, which appeared Sept. 15 on the Windows Vista Developer Center site. "And that is very soon." Meanwhile, Microsoft and the EU keep tiptoeing around each other when it comes to Vista and possible antitrust consequences. And if that wasn't enough, a Cisco exec says Vista is scary.
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RE[4]: MS vs EU
by blitze on Mon 18th Sep 2006 22:35 UTC
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Damned if you do and damned if you don't.

People winge about MS and security and when they try to do something about it. Not like they will be the be-all end all of solutions but then Symantec aren't the cluiest with their security products either. On the home user front they blow.

Will there ever be a secure piece of software, no. Will MS lie down and allow for their software to be drilled and exploited? Of course not. They will do what they have continually done in the past and that is plug the holes when they are needed to be plugged. Linux ain't much better, it's called bugs, people.

Crap, I did an Ubuntu Edgy64 Knot 2 update and I'm left with a non booting system. I haven't had such an issue with Vista RC1 yet. Still, Vista has given me a Blue Screen. Horses for courses.

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