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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "A friend of mine phoned to ask if I thought he should install Ubuntu Linux on his Macs - a 1.33 GHz G4 iBook currently running OS X 10.4 Tiger and a 1.25 GHz Power Mac G4 tower with OS X 10.3 Panther installed. My friend had read a feature in the local newspaper extolling the virtues of Ubuntu Linux and thought it sounded interesting. Does Ubuntu Linux make any sense for Macintosh users? In my friend's case, I would say no, and I did." My take: I wrote about this subject earlier.
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RE: Quoth the article
by trezzer on Tue 19th Sep 2006 00:33 UTC in reply to "Quoth the article"
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"I've also heard tell that OSX is not as stable as Linux generally is (I've certainly never seen a kernel panic in Ubuntu)"

Nor have I, but I've seen it just plain reset. The only time I've seen kernel panics in OS X was in the 10.0.x days and on one machine where I had a bad ram module. Kernel panics are something the majority of OS X users will never see.

"and I also find it hard to believe that OSX has a repository containing thousands of software packages which can be installed with a couple of clicks of a button"

I quote from the Fink package database:
"The database was last updated at 23:08 GMT on Monday, September 18 and currently lists 6937 packages in 23 sections."

If you prefer BSD-style ports there are 3420 packages in DarwinPorts.

Besides that places like and serve as virtual software repositories that indeed let you install with a couple of clicks.

"Similarly, plug-and-play has never been a problem for me using Ubuntu (even old Ubuntu versions), so why mention OSX's plug-and-play abilities?"

Funny you should mention that after I've spent several hours today (in vein but even if I had been successful it would have been quite an operation) to get a USB DVB-T receiver working. Needless to say it's entirely plug'n'play on OS X. That said Linux is certainly improving in this area and out of the box more of my hardware is supported (and properly set up) than with an XP SP 2 install.

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