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NetBSD BSD devcenter at has an interview with Charles M. Hannum, one of the creators of the NetBSD Project and the NetBSD Foundation, about the evolution of the project, funds management, problems with licenses and hardware documentation, the link with vendors, past and current mistakes, and what we can learn from the Linux development process.
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"FreeBSD is neither a fork of NetBSD nor is it able to run on many platforms, so what have you been smoking?"

Sorry, I should have been more specific!
I replied specifically to the statement:
"Can you imagine a BSD system that runs on just about every architecture with good driver support?"

And the combination of NetBSD, OpenBSD and FreeBSD fill that very nicely ;)
FreeBSD does run on several platforms:

* FreeBSD/alpha Project
* FreeBSD/amd64 Project
* FreeBSD/ARM Project
* FreeBSD/i386 Project
* FreeBSD/ia64 Project
* FreeBSD/MIPS Project
* FreeBSD/pc98 Project
* FreeBSD/ppc Project
* FreeBSD/sparc64 Project
* FreeBSD/xbox Project

BTW, I've been smoking BSDs since ~94 ;)

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