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GNU, GPL, Open Source This is a collection of methods and strategies to make income from an Open Source project while keeping it thriving and freely available. The methods take into account project brand strength, and the real opportunities available while owning your project's web space, building up its community, and exploring non-restrictive means of monetizing your efforts.
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Why do people hate ads ?
by jbalmer on Tue 19th Sep 2006 05:14 UTC
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I sometimes feel if there is not some hypocracy when people say they hate ads on websites. I mean do you close your eyes while drive your car when you see a billboard besides a highway ? No, you enjoy viewing the ad on the billboard and welcome it as a part of the scenery. Ads have their own place in this world and no amount of wishing will do it away - unless of course you live in a controlled society where decisions are taken for you by others such as in North Korea for instance.

I believe that if the website which you are visiting has good content and you gain by reading an article, there is no harm in putting up with some ads as that will be enough incentive for the author of the article to write more such articles.

Take OSNews for instance, it plays an important role in facilitating people with similar tastes to come together to discuss about current news without being distracted with flames and spam. And when a site brings so much value, why not see a couple of ads on the site and help the site (and who ever is running it) to make some money?

I think the article in question is honestly written and Damn Small Linux is an excellent project.

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