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X11, Window Managers Just when you thought fancy effects on Linux desktops started to get remotely understandable, focussing on Aiglx/Xgl with Compiz, a fork of Compiz is announced: Beryl. This is the logical continuation of the popular compiz-quinnstorm branch, used by many Ubuntu users. "During this summer, and during the last few weeks, some major additions were done in compiz-quinnstorm, bringing a whole new decorator, cgwd, which was designed to be fully themable, and a new settings backend, csm, which intended to drop most of the gnome deps - there were other reasons for this, but this is not our current subject. Consequently, we reached a situation where it's quite impossible to come back." The main reason is general unwillingness to work with and unresponsiveness to the developers of the -quinnstorm branch from the official Compiz guys.
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by situation on Tue 19th Sep 2006 15:37 UTC
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Normally I'm all for forks and choices, but in this case I think having a single "desktop glitzer" would really have helped adoption. Especially when it seems like there weren't any solid reasons for a fork (besides "not invented here" syndrome). I could see if XGL was abandoned or something, but it is still in the development phase, and seems counter productive to fork now. Almost like a case of the forkers saying "Well if they don't want our help, we'll take our toys and go home!".

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