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X11, Window Managers Just when you thought fancy effects on Linux desktops started to get remotely understandable, focussing on Aiglx/Xgl with Compiz, a fork of Compiz is announced: Beryl. This is the logical continuation of the popular compiz-quinnstorm branch, used by many Ubuntu users. "During this summer, and during the last few weeks, some major additions were done in compiz-quinnstorm, bringing a whole new decorator, cgwd, which was designed to be fully themable, and a new settings backend, csm, which intended to drop most of the gnome deps - there were other reasons for this, but this is not our current subject. Consequently, we reached a situation where it's quite impossible to come back." The main reason is general unwillingness to work with and unresponsiveness to the developers of the -quinnstorm branch from the official Compiz guys.
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This is how Open Source works
by ishmal on Tue 19th Sep 2006 16:48 UTC
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Well, I certainly admire the objectivity:

general unwillingness to work with and unresponsiveness to the developers of the -quinnstorm branch

Well, that seems a bit one-sided, in fact the whole article seems a bit one-sided. I have no idea who any of these people are and I am not a party to either side, but I am certain that there is another perspective to this issue.

However, this is almost by definition how Open Source projects work. People see a potential new product, and either create a new project, or fork an existing one. The more developers at work, and the more new ideas created, the better. So this event is almost certainly a net gain.

If someone wants limited choices, they should find a small distro and stick with it. Research, innovation and variety are wonderful things. If you don't progress, you die.

There are some people who think that the only purpose for Open Source is to provide free-as-in-beer replacements for their favorite Windows programs. And that all programmers should drop what they are doing and work slavishly on free word processors, free email, and free bookkeeping packages. Those things exist. Job done. Let's get away from the cheap and mundane and make something new.

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