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X11, Window Managers Just when you thought fancy effects on Linux desktops started to get remotely understandable, focussing on Aiglx/Xgl with Compiz, a fork of Compiz is announced: Beryl. This is the logical continuation of the popular compiz-quinnstorm branch, used by many Ubuntu users. "During this summer, and during the last few weeks, some major additions were done in compiz-quinnstorm, bringing a whole new decorator, cgwd, which was designed to be fully themable, and a new settings backend, csm, which intended to drop most of the gnome deps - there were other reasons for this, but this is not our current subject. Consequently, we reached a situation where it's quite impossible to come back." The main reason is general unwillingness to work with and unresponsiveness to the developers of the -quinnstorm branch from the official Compiz guys.
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XGL != Compiz; Beryl
by cmost on Tue 19th Sep 2006 17:15 UTC
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@ Hammman. You're confusing XGL with Compiz & Beryl. XGL is the accelerated X server, it's completely new whereas AIGLX builds upon (and adds 3D acceleration support) existing X server technology. Compiz is a Window manager, like metacity or AMI, except it controls an accelerated desktop. Beryl is a fork of Compiz. Since many of the additions, bug-fixes, and new features failed to be folded into Novell's original Compiz, a fork became necessary. The open source works is it's all about choice. Some distros will choose XGL (or AIGLX) / Compiz classic, some will choose XGL (or AIGLX) / Beryl. The most feater-rich, easy to configure variant will by natural selection, become the most popular and eventually the two competing projects will merge into one. Stop acting like Microsoft's "all your base are belong to me" tactics are better. To illustrate my point, you need only have a look at the process that has produced Vista. Enough said.

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