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X11, Window Managers Just when you thought fancy effects on Linux desktops started to get remotely understandable, focussing on Aiglx/Xgl with Compiz, a fork of Compiz is announced: Beryl. This is the logical continuation of the popular compiz-quinnstorm branch, used by many Ubuntu users. "During this summer, and during the last few weeks, some major additions were done in compiz-quinnstorm, bringing a whole new decorator, cgwd, which was designed to be fully themable, and a new settings backend, csm, which intended to drop most of the gnome deps - there were other reasons for this, but this is not our current subject. Consequently, we reached a situation where it's quite impossible to come back." The main reason is general unwillingness to work with and unresponsiveness to the developers of the -quinnstorm branch from the official Compiz guys.
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Serves Compiz Right!
by Guppetto on Tue 19th Sep 2006 20:00 UTC
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Truth be told, this fork is only happening because the Novell guys never changed their closed source tendencies. They developed XGL in a box and then said hey, we've done it right for you, so don't worry about participating. Well, they did the same thing with Compiz for the most part, but unfortunately it got out in the wild and did a little mating. Anyone that has really used the quinn packages knows that they are incredible, and she and her band of merry men have pushed Comiz to were it should be with all those great plugins. Yeah, the current release may be a little buggy for some, but that's what happens when you remove the gnome dependencies once and for all. They have releases almost 3 times a week with bug fixes and speed improvements. Her configuration tools and skining api's are great. If Dave isn't careful, Beryl is going to end up replacing Compiz all together, because those plugins that the comunity keep pumping out really make all the eye candy usefull. It's one thing for the Novell guys to talk about code quality, but if your not giving the people what they want, they will go elsewhere. That somewhere else for me is definitely Beryl, becuase it's a great example of the power of open source development. Oh, for anyone thinking she just a lone rebel, you very much mistaken, becuase their are many developers pumping out plugins and fixes daily.

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