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Multimedia, AV "MythTV is a Linux based, multimedia software that allows you to view and record TV shows to your hard drive in the manner of Tivo, Windows Media Center and Beyond TV. MythTV recently released 0.20 version of their awesome TV/PVR/Multimedia Frontend software. I installed the latest version to see if it was really as good as it looks."
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RE: What hardware do I need?
by EmmEff on Tue 19th Sep 2006 20:48 UTC in reply to "What hardware do I need?"
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My frontend/backend box (meaning the MythTV 'server' and the 'viewer' run on the same machine) is a Celeron 1.2GHz with 384MB RAM, Hauppauge PVR-250, 250GB hard drive and a GeForce 5700LE video card. I run MySQL on a separate server (PII 350MHz). For those having difficulty with setting up the database part, use a virtual appliance like the MySQL appliance available from

The MythTV box does get a little jittery when the IPG information is being updated but aside from that, it plays and records regular NTSC content happily. I should note, I am also using XvMC (Xvideo Motion Compensation, which is hardware acceleration for MPEG-2 playback) so that helps with CPU usage.

If I had a bigger budget, I'd separate the frontend from the backend. Keep the existing hardware for the backend and add a high(er) performance front end perhaps diskless and with a better video card with component output.

Hope this helps!

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