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NetBSD Geert Hendrickx has announced the third release candidate of NetBSD 3.1. Binaries and .iso's can be found on the ftp site, or on one of the mirrors. "We anticipate this to be the final release candidate for the NetBSD 3.1 release, so, if no serious problems arise, we expect NetBSD 3.1 to be released on October 2."
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RE[4]: nice to see
by kwag on Wed 20th Sep 2006 02:38 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: nice to see"
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"There was no significant reason for the change, it is a cosmetic change to their release cycle."


Go read the NetBSD CVS repositories changelogs and commits, and you'll know why the release numbers.

Now I know why you're here.
You're obvlously here to preach your ">Insert Your Favorite OS Here<", and detract users from using NetBSD.
Please stop spreading garbage about NetBSD and get your facts straight!

Thanks, and Sayonara!

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