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Multimedia, AV "MythTV is a Linux based, multimedia software that allows you to view and record TV shows to your hard drive in the manner of Tivo, Windows Media Center and Beyond TV. MythTV recently released 0.20 version of their awesome TV/PVR/Multimedia Frontend software. I installed the latest version to see if it was really as good as it looks."
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RE[2]: What hardware do I need?
by zztaz on Wed 20th Sep 2006 02:57 UTC in reply to "What hardware do I need?"
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First, check for details about requirements.

Capturing analog TV is possible with quite wimpy systems.

HDTV capture can be tricky to configure, but the main hardware issue is the need for lots and lots of disk space. HDTV playback takes significant CPU power.

I just upgraded to 0.20, and am impressed by the new features. Saving a recording to DVD no longer requires sacrificing a goat. I'm using two HDTV tuners, and the results are stunning.

If you stay with suggested HW, analog TV is easy to set up. Using odd HW is possible, but takes effort. HDTV is bleeding edge, but worth it.

If you want an appliance, buy or rent one. MythTV is a hobby, like woodworking or gardening. You spend time and money on hobbies because they're fun.

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