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Windows Ars takes a quick look at Vista RC1, and concludes: "Using it as my daily workhorse for two weeks has taught me a lot of things, the first of which is that Vista is doing better than many of its critics are claiming. A day after RC1 was available to select partners, the wires lit up with story after story about how 'Vista isn't ready'. No, it's not ready. It's a release candidate, at best, a late-stage beta at worst. Having actually used the OS for a while, I'm not so sure that the sky is falling claims have much merit."
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RE[3]: Vista RC1 is still better
by blitze on Wed 20th Sep 2006 03:28 UTC in reply to "RE: Vista RC1 is still better"
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Quote "Ok...and you're basing your opinion that Windows Vista RC1 is automatically better than of Linux because of one experience where one distribution didn't work well on your proprietary laptop? Did you try another? There are like several hundred Linux distributions afterall. How many versions of Vista are there? Oh, I forgot, just one."

Now this is something Linux is going to have to resolve. The biggest problem with Linux is that there are hundreds of different versions. One doesn't work so what, are users expected to go through the whole gaumat of Linux Distributions until they find something that does work?

I am testing Vista 64 RC1 and I am testing Ubuntu Edgy Eft 64 and at the moment Vista is more usable.

- With Vista I can run 32bit apps easily.
- I don't have sound support in Vista but I'm supposed to in Edgy but get this, the OS loader has issues with the firmware of my Sound Card so I can't get the ALSA module to load. The sound card is a Echo Audio Gina 3G for anyone interested. I am on mail notification when Echo Audio get some beta drivers into the works for Vista.
- I did an Edgy upgrade from Knot 2 to Knot 3 and now my Ubuntu system is FUBAR. The OS refuses to load and I am left at a command prompt with no system usability cause Edgy Knot 3 can't load tty or some such error of which there is no information about.

I will get a Knot 3 install disk onto my system and see what I can do from that, if it loads, but this is a real pain as is getting the same functionability out of it.

* I compare the 2 because both are non release states and 64 bit OS systems and Ubuntu is from a Linux group that make a user friendly system although I am tempted to try ArchLinux 64. Still, at the moment in usability Vista is definately the better with less PITA experiences. I have had it hard lock and blue screen on me but that was through testing a game on it with beta drivers.

My 2 cents.

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